Montag, 1. Februar 2016

I did it!

Finally I found the courage to start a fundraising campaign.

The Way with my foot

The Way - the name for the way of St. James which got popular by the movie "The Way" in which a father travels to france due to his sons death in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the starting point of the Camino as the spanish call it. He decides to follow up the path his son had wanted to take and starts his own pilgrimage by doing so.

Okay. As some of my readers might know I had a bike crash early July 2015 which led to quite a serious damage of my upper ankle joint.

At first sight it looked like my foot would have mumps. 

But I was not at all ready to abandon my plan of doing the Camino in Summer 2016.

You have to know that this has been one of the first things I told my love: I am not willing to marry anyone who has not walked the way of St. James with me in advance.
And why should I loose time, once I found my only one?!?

At least something like that can be repaired.

 So I continued to plan our pilgrimage...

Although I couldn't be entirely sure about what my foot would say to all of that.

Physiotherapy and restarting work life took place.
I didn't exactly get to normal walking in this time. But once the metal stuff would be put out again, I was sure I'd make better progress.
The second surgery went good and so far I can say that I feel a positive impact.

This surgery, to be exact. That is 6 days ago now.

 But still: it will not be possible without money....

Actually I had planned to do some summer jobs during the 2015 summer break, aiming to drag my finances out of the negatives. I didn't want my first real wages being swallowed by the students credits from before...
Well... remember? For some reasons there wasn't any option for jobbing.
Instead of gaining a bit extra money I had to use extra and even my first payments were cut because of the fact that I had been ill for so long.

To make it short: I don't get my banc account up into positive numbers - not a good base for doing the Camino. Also - what was it that I won't do without having walked The Way with that guy...?... Something tells me that there will be more need for money for that issue, too.

So please:

Share my fundraising campaign and, I politely ask, donate something.

If I can get together what I and my beloved need to do our pilgrimage I will make a beautiful series of pictures: The Foot, with scar, on The Way ;-)

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